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Uniting Children's Health with the Arts

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April 6th
Bend, Oregon

Portrait Connection unites children’s health
with the arts in a meaningful way.

Together with our partners, we gift fine art portraits to the families of children struggling with serious health conditions. Artists are commissioned to paint personalized portraits, each one capturing the personality of a child.  

Families receive a meaningful keepsake portrait of the child. Artists, who are striving to advance their craft in the world of art, are supported and recognized.


Do you know a child facing a serious medical situation?

Do you know an artist needing a career spark?

You can become involved by supporting children's health and the arts today!

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Families struggling with childhood illness are nominated by relatives, friends or community members to receive a fine art portrait of their special child, capturing a moment
of joy during difficult times.


Artists apply to become partners with Portrait Connection, where they can be paired with a special child. Once selected, an artist will create a commissioned fine art portrait of the child that will be gifted to the family.   


Community members are encouraged to become involved with Portrait Connection and support the mission by nominating a family, volunteering or donating to support community arts and healthcare.