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A Portrait Connection Artist!

Portrait Connection depends on your talent to help bring peace, through art, into the homes of struggling families. If you are selected as a Portrait Artist, you will receive a stipend, be featured on the Portrait Connection web page and in social media as well as at Portrait Connection Art Shows.  

Each applicant artist shares information about preferred mediums and a portfolio. A committee of professional artists accepts the appropriate artists. Portrait Connection then matches requests for portraits with the selected artists on record. When an artist is matched with a particular portrait request, we send out an engagement agreement and the portrait is begun.

Share your talent with special families and build your audience all at once.

Artist Application Form

What is required in my application?
      Your application must include a fully completed and signed form (available through the link above) and a portfolio of three samples representing your          portrait skills.
How and when will I know if I am selected to be a Portrait Connection Artist?
     Once your application is received, you will receive notification within 30 days.
Who will provide the supplies?
     Each artist is an independent contractor and provides his/her own portrait supplies. This allows the artist to use the materials that are most familiar           and applicable to the artist's technique.
How will my final portrait be approved?
    Portrait Connection requests a photograph of the art at 50% and 95% completion in order to assure that the artwork meets quality standards.
How will I be paid for my portrait and how much is the stipend?
   Final details for portrait stipends will be posted soon.
How will my portrait be delivered to the family?
     The artist will be reimbursed for shipping the completed painting to Portrait Connection.
Can I be selected for more than one portrait?
     Yes, once you have been selected as a portrait provider, you may be asked to produce more than one portrait. You may accept or decline any task                  offered to you. If we contact you with a task opportunity for a portrait, you must respond within 5 days. After 5 days, we will pass the task on to                    another artist.
Do all paintings have to be done from photographs?
     Yes, each artwork is referenced to a photograph.
Can I meet the family?
     Generally, the artist doesn't meet the family and often selected artists are painting for families that live in distant places. If a family requests a                      meeting with the artist, sometimes special arrangements can be made.