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At Portrait Connection, we understand that your family stands valiantly behind a child striving for health. Your love for your child and unswerving focus mean that you are quietly navigating a complex obstacle course of daily challenges and emotional trials.

A portrait provides your family with a hallmark of strength, an enduring fine art keepsake.
If you feel that a joy-filled portrait of your child would bring strength to your situation, contact us. 


Portrait Connection is a nonprofit organization working to help you focus on the beauty of your child along your journey!


Portrait Connection serves children who have a medical condition that is considered progressive, degenerative, or malignant and are within two years of their most recent treatment. The child must be between the ages of 1 and 18 years old at the time of application to be eligible to receive a fine art portrait free of cost. We also serve children who require frequent or extended hospitalizations and are within two years of their most recent inpatient stay. A signed Medical Eligibility Form, which is included in the application, is required for all applicants. This form needs to be completed by both the parent/legal guardian and the child’s medical professional. 


Applying for a portrait is easy. Download the form using the button to the right. Fill it out, and return it with a high-resolution photo of your child to the email address on the form. You will need to get a signature from the subject's physician or social worker verifying the health condition. We will follow-up by sending you the Terms of Service for your signature prior to starting the portrait.

Portrait Application


How do I apply on behalf of my child?
    To apply, fill out the above portrait application and send it in. You will then need to sign a waiver which we will forward to you, and you will need to       send a few of your favorite high-quality photographs of your child. The artist will use the photographs to create the portrait of your child.
What kind of portrait will our family receive?
    The fine art portraits are usually created using either oil paint or watercolor. Occationally, there will be an artist who is availble to create a portrait in a             different medium. However, any different mediums will be confirmed with the artist and family before the portrait is started. The portraits will always           be delivered to the family framed and ready to hang.
Can other family members be included in the portrait?
    Only one child can be accommodated in a single portrait. However, if multiple children in the same family are facing serious illness at the same time              they can be included in the same portrait. 
What kind of photos should I send?
    It is good to send several photos with a couple of them being close-ups with your child's face taking up the full image.  Many artists like a side lighted                photo of the child's face where one side of the face is in bright light and the other side is lightly shadowed.  Most of the portraits are close-ups, but you          can send a photo with a special background for the artist to consider.
I heard that there is an art show for portraits, can you tell me about that?
   An important part of Portrait Connection is raising awareness in the community about childhood health challenges. In some communities, with                       permission of the parents, we hang the portraits together in a gallery or other space where people can come to learn about their neighbors and the artists     in their town.  Usually there is an "art opening" event where community members can learn how to support their neighbors.
Will we get a chance to meet and thank the artist who painted our portrait?
   Often, the best time to meet the artist is at the art opening, if the artist lives in the area.  Sometimes, the artist is far away and that is not possible.  We are      happy to pass on any messages to the artist, and families will be able to contact many of them through their web page. 
Can we continue to stay in touch with Portrait Connection?
   We encourage all families to stay in touch with Portrait Connection through our web page and social media. We will send you a survey after you receive            your portrait, asking you what it means to you.  We also hope that you'll let other families know about this opportunity.

If you have any further questions please contact: